What is an Empire Line Dress?
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What is an Empire Line Dress?

An A line dress is an extremely fitted dress that is either very straight at the hip or gradually widens from the hip to the waist, giving the appearance of an elongated capital letter A. The term “A-line” is usually used to describe an upper-bust skirt, a full-length jacket, or a shirt with a pointed collar and full sleeves. These dresses are usually perfect for women who have a small bust, large hips, short legs or are just tall and want to look feminine.

Many celebrities, including actress Bette Midler, are famous for their A-line dresses. Midler has made it her trademark and often wears them while appearing on stage. In addition to Midler, A-line dresses are usually popular among models as well, who usually wear them to various magazines to present their body shape. These styles are also worn by many celebrities in photo shoots.

The first thing that one notices about an A-line dress is the fact that it is generally fitted all the way up the body. They often have an empire waistline, which are almost always defined at the center front of the bodice by the waistline, and which can be accentuated by plunging necklines. A-line dresses may also feature an empire waistline, but this is often a bit more loose than the empire waistline seen in full-coverage clothing. A-line dresses often feature straight lines from the hip down to the hemline, and sometimes the waistline is slightly slimmer around the waist than on full-coverage dresses. This slimmer waistline is usually highlighted in the bust area, often being the same shade as the fabric of the dress.

Another characteristic of A-line dresses is their straight shape and sleek lines, especially when contrasted with their high waistline. An empire line dress may feature a full skirt, or it may feature a skirt with a wide hemline, both of which make it a classic silhouette. Some empire line dresses feature short train lengths, which allow the model to walk up or down the length of the dress easily and gracefully. A-line dresses also feature ruched hemlines and are typically full length.

A-line dresses are not only ideal for the perfect woman on the red carpet, but they can also be appropriate for casual events and everyday use as well. For example, in a casual setting, such as a party or a night out, wearing a dress with an empire waist and long flowing skirt is an easy way to add some personality and flair to an otherwise ordinary outfit.

When choosing an empire line dress, it is important to remember that this type of dress is not always suitable for every occasion. If you are interested in purchasing an A-line dress for any event, it is best to consult an expert to help you select the best fit and style of dress for your body shape.

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