Top 5 Recommended Styles From the Monsoon Dress Collection
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Top 5 Recommended Styles From the Monsoon Dress Collection

Monsoon dresses are quite popular for their very feminine, almost fairy-like cuts. They were originally designed as a maternity dress but the styles can suit a range of different outfits. The dresses have a bit clingy on the top but they are also fairly comfortable. You will find that many women have a difficult time trying to get these dresses off.

One of the most unique things about monsoon dresses is that they can come in a huge variety of colours. Because this kind of dress is made from organic cotton and never uses any artificial dyes or fabrics, you can wear these dresses in any colour that you want! The dresses tend to be a little bit more modest than the traditional Maternity dresses but you can find some that have a bit more fullness or even spaghetti straps if you want to add some sexiness to the outfit. The dresses are usually offered in midi lengths so they do not cover your belly area but you may need to buy some special fabric in order to make the cut from your regular shorts.

The best way to wear your monsoon dresses is to pair them with a cute pair of shorts and an organic cotton top. You will usually find that the dresses are offered in a variety of colours including; pink, green, white, blue, purple, orange and grey. The classic colours for these dresses are white and pink. However, if you are feeling a little adventurous, you can buy one in purple and then pair it with a green or white shirt. You will also find that there are plenty of different dress patterns to choose from including stripes, polka dots, paisley, floral and leopard prints. It is probably a good idea to try out some different patterns before committing to one particular pattern or colour.

The most flattering cut for monsoon dresses is the midi length as this style looks fantastic on full hips and perfect for all seasons. For the best effect it is always advisable to choose a pattern with vertical lines and to ensure that your hemline falls slightly below your knee. This way your midi length dresses will flatter all figure types and ensure that you look great from top to bottom. However, if you have a problem with flat tyres then the hemline of your midi length dress can be flared which will add a bit more definition to your legs and also give your outfit that finishing touch. When it comes to choosing a pair of shorts to wear with your monsoon dresses, you will usually find that there are a lot of different styles to choose from.

One of the most popular shorts to wear with Monsoon dresses is the comfortable jersey. The great thing about choosing a comfortable jersey top and shorts is that it will give you that slightly flared look without having to sacrifice your cool and laid back style. Most of the styles that are sold in the Monsoon boutique are designed in a slightly flared fit so that they sit just at the top of your waist and on your hipster’s lap. What’s great about this style is that you can choose a colour to go with your Monsoon dresses and really make the outfit pop from head to toe.

Another great style for those who are more petite is the micro-mini. These pieces are very flattering as they come in a variety of different styles that are either knee length or just above the knee. You could choose to go for a longer version of this top with an adjustable tie or short sleeves. For a petite woman with a little bit of height, you might consider a crinkly rather than chunky style. The crinkly rather than chunky design would look better on a short and tall person rather than a long and slim one.

For those of you with slightly thicker thighs, then a fantastic style to wear with Monsoon dresses is the midi-length piece combines. This top features an adjustable lace-up collar and is made out of a stretchable, lightweight jersey fabric. The jersey fabric is comfortable and soft, but not see-through. This is perfect for any woman who isn’t too sure about wearing a dress that’s too short or too long as there is no line being drawn between the legs and the bust. The only real downside to this item is the price, as it tends to be on the more expensive side.

Finally, for those who have larger hips, there is the Graphic Print. This midi-length piece combines a beautiful floral print with pleated pockets and comes in either grey black or white. The pockets offer a few benefits too as they can be used for both placing jewellery and for placing items such as keys and mobile phones in so that you never have to fumble around looking for them! The floral print really stands out and so does the grey/black combination. The overall design of the Monsoon dress should be considered along with the size and fit before committing to a purchase.

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