How To Style A White Shirt Dress With Sandals
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How To Style A White Shirt Dress With Sandals?

If you haven’t yet gotten rid of that favorite white shirt dress, hope you’ve taken it off by now. You know, a white shirt dress can be worn for work anytime in fall, if only you have the courage to take it off. And yes, this also includes a white shirt dress to work. But why stop at work?

Fall is almost here, and you should start thinking about what dress you’ll be able to wear to show everyone your beautiful shoulders and legs. If you want to play it safe, go with a simple white shirt dress, preferably in a neutral tone. It can be paired with cute little black dresses, or with nice neutral-colored jeans, leggings, or even nice boots. You can even try wearing a nice solid colored cardigan on top to round things out.

However, if you don’t want to stick to a basic white shirt dress, there are several ways to get dressed up in fall without sacrificing your rock star status. For example, did you know that you can get slacks with an extra small pocket and a pair of white sneakers? This type of combination can be surprisingly stylish, and it will easily compliment your gorgeous waistline. If you are concerned about the waistline showing, then you could skip the white sneakers and opt for a belt with an oversized buckle. You can team this with a denim skirt in a fun, girly color.

Another way to keep your white shirt dress looking casual is to pair it with white shoes. Remember: less is more, especially when it comes to shoes. Don’t go with white shoes with a white shirt dress! A good rule of thumb is: less is more!

One of the best accessories for your next dress is a thick, wide belt. Not only will it add a touch of sassiness to your already beautiful look, but it will also help show off your best assets. If you are going to wear an oversized belt with your white shirt dresses, then you might as well go with the biggest belt you can find. However, don’t make your belt too large or it will come off during dinner.

Another great accessory that will make wearing a white shirt dress even more comfortable is a designer white shirt dress belt. The key is to find a belt that compliments your dress length. Also keep in mind that you should always go with a thick, wide belt and try not to get your jeans too long; because the thicker the belt, the more support you’ll need.

Most designers also include a variety of different kinds of beautiful ankle-length boots in their lines. Whether you prefer knee-high boots or something with a bit shorter to below the knee, wearing a stunning pair of black leggings under a nice white shirt dress is just the way to go. These ankle boots are especially useful when wearing something bold and bright such as a sleeveless purple shirt; or when wearing a classic white shirt dress paired with skinny jeans or capris. Even though you’ll be wearing your black leggings, you won’t have to worry about your shoes showing because the designer boots will cover up everything.

As a final note, don’t forget that sandals always look fresh with anything! So if you’re wearing your favorite pair of black leather boots, try wearing a pair of white sandals underneath. This way your sandals will pop with the color of your shirt and match your outfit perfectly. A great pair of black sandals paired with a white shirt dress looks absolutely perfect.

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